Cryptoqueen Ruja Ignatova Murdered in Greece in 2018, Report Alleges

22. Februar 2023 Aus Von admin

• Ruja Ignatova, the founder of crypto pyramid Onecoin, may have been murdered in Greece in 2018.
• An informant’s report suggests that she was killed on a yacht in the Ionian Sea and her body dismembered and thrown into the water on the order of a drug lord.
• The City Prosecutor’s Office has stated that said report does not constitute a document as it’s unsigned and there is no information about its author.

Murder in the Mediterranean – Another Theory About Onecoin Mastermind’s Fate Circulated

Ruja Ignatova, founder of the crypto pyramid Onecoin, may have been murdered in Greece a year after her disappearance. According to an article from Bureau for Investigative Reporting and Data (, quoting а leaked report from a police informant, the „missing Cryptoqueen“ was killed on a yacht in the Ionian Sea more than four years ago.


Launched in 2014 as a multi-level-marketing network based on a fake cryptocurrency, Onecoin is believed to have defrauded more than 3 million investors globally of over $4 billion. Ignatova, a Bulgarian-born German national, was last seen on Oct. 25, 2017 at the airport in Athens, where she arrived on a flight from Sofia. This past October, the BBC reported she had been alerted about police investigations. Dubbed „the missing Cryptoqueen,“ Ignatova is wanted by Interpol, Europol, and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Previous media reports have also speculated she might have been murdered or that she is still alive and well after changing her appearance through plastic surgery. In July 2022, Greek press revealed police had tried to capture Ignatova after receiving information she was in the country.. Her brother and co-founder Konstantin was detained in Los Angeles in 2019 and extradited to Germany last summer where he awaits trial on fraud charges related to OneCoin’s alleged Ponzi scheme activities.

Leaked Report Suggests Murder On Yacht In Ionian Sea

The conclusion that Ruja Ignatova has been dead since November 2018 is based on evidence obtained during an investigation into last year’s murder of former top police officer in Sofia – head of criminal police department at Bulgarian capital city who was shot dead March 2022 which led investigators to seize an informant’s report found inside а safe box located at his home suggesting that Ruja Ignatova was killed onboard a yacht at Ionian sea with her body being dismembered afterwards then thrown into water following order given by drug lord organization but email sent from City Prosecutor’s Office explains how said report doesn’t qualify as legitimate document according to Criminal Procedure Code due its lacking signature plus lack of info regarding author identity .

Previous Speculations Of Alive And Well Or Murdered

Previous media reports suggested two scenarios – either Ruja Ignatovawas still alive & well after changing her appearance through plastic surgery or else being murdered which now gave way for third possibility resulting from leaked informer’s statement mentioned above since Interpol , Europol & FBI all issued arrest warrants following her mysterious disappearance back 2017 with Konstantin ,her brother & co-founder being detained Los Angeles 2019 before being extradited Germany past summer while he awaits trial related fraud charges involving Ponzi scheme activities orchestrated by OneCoin entity .


In conclusion we can say this article reported yet another theory regarding fate suffered by crypto mogul RujaIgnatovawho vanished without trace November 2018 but up till now nothing conclusive has officially confirmed despite speculations suggesting living incognito or murder allegations supported by recently released informant’s statement claiming said individual got killed onboard yacht Ionian Sea thanks order given drug lord organization with body pieces discarded afterwards though City Prosecutor’s Office questioned validity such document due lack signature plus lack details author identity .